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These trips to the four corners of Morocco are a clever mix of cultural and sporting activities. Choose your destination according to your desires: walk, bike ride, craft activities, farm visits, meeting the children of a village, and experience an exotic family adventure.

Treks & Hiking

Morocco is a perfect destination for hikes & treks, allowing you a total disconnection, a return to the essentials.

Treks & Hiking

is an ideal playground for mountain and sports enthusiasts.


The discovery of 2000 years of history, heritage, Moroccan culture and the heritage of its kingdom.

The Trip

takes you to the roots of Moroccan culture. Marrakech, Fez, Meknes, Rabat, these imperial cities deploy sumptuous monuments testifying to a rich historical past.

Family trips

Our trips have been designed to meet all desires, in complete freedom, young and old will find what they are looking for!

The Trip

We offer several types of trips that you can make with your children, to meet wildlife, The desert with the family, Multi-activity trips


Festivals, moussems and events follow one another throughout the year in the four corners of Morocco.

Morocco Events

Why not take advantage of your trip to take part or attend one of these festive events?

Day Trips

Let us know what you want and we will strive to create an excursion that meets your expectations.

Day trips

Thanks to our Moroccan excursion suggestions, you can explore a special part of the country with total flexibility, for a few hours

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Fly to Morocco and travel freely without the constraints of the organization.

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Morocco, a country in North Africa, offers an exceptional range of landscapes to discover.

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